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Design Process | Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

I have an idea for a large custom-made web application, but do not have technical skills to create it. Could you do that?

Yes. We will need to discuss the application in detail with you, and let you know our estimated time and cost of implementation. We can provide application design, programming, deployment and testing. Contact us at for more information.

What if I already have a web site, but I don't like the design. Could you redesign it for me and add some new information to what I have there now?

No problem. We will need the URL of your web site and the FTP access to the files themselves as well as the information you would like to add to the existing content of the site.

I already have a web site, but I need monthly updates to be made. Could you do that?

Yes. In that case we will ask you to email us the information you need changed just before the end of a previous month, and we will put it up for you.

Why are you insisting on standards compliance to be of primary importance?

Think about this: if every car manufacturer made cars that ran on different kinds of fuel, you would be able to fuel up only at specific gas stations. What if you are travelling in the US and your car was made in Japan and requires only Japanese gas? You wouldn't get very far.

Same is true for standards in computer industry. If you send someone a document, and they cannot read it because they do not have a program that can open it, you are faced with the problem of document exchange. This slows down business and costs you time and money. If all software developers agree on a certain standard, you'd be able to read that document on any platform - whether it is Mac, Linux, Windows, or anything else. Same goes for web sites. Sites not designed to be standards-compliant behave differently in different browsers. Visitors get frustrated and leave your site - therefore, you lose sales. What if your shopping cart or your feedback form does not work in certain browsers? Are you prepared to give up that part of your audience?

Being compliant to the standards is important, because it makes information exchange fast and reliable. You can be sure that no matter what browser, your site will do its job of informing visitors about your products and services, and letting them use the tools you provide.

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Design Process | Questions and Answers

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